Prairie Home Alliance carries the best home improvement products backed by the industries best warranties.

Prairie Home Alliance is unwaveringly committed to delivering warranties that set an unparalleled standard in the home improvement industry. We take immense pride in standing behind our products, emphasizing durability, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our dedication to providing exceptional warranties underscores our confidence in the longevity and performance of every solution we offer, ensuring peace of mind for our valued customers.


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At Prairie Home Alliance, our unwavering commitment is to provide unmatched customer satisfaction. Introducing “Homer’s Worry-Free Guarantee” with all our products and services, we assure you that partnering with Prairie Home Alliance means your home improvement experience will surpass all expectations. Our guarantee serves as a testament to our dedication to completing your project to your utmost satisfaction. If you encounter any challenges or questions related to our products or installations, rest assured that we will address them promptly, ensuring a worry-free journey through your home improvement process.

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Preservations Limited Lifetime Warranty | The best in the industry.

Prairie Home Alliance elevates the standards for siding protection through Preservation Siding and its exceptional warranty. Going beyond the enhancement of your home’s value, Preservation High-Performance Siding offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty, transferable to new homeowners should you decide to sell. This unique feature has the potential to increase your home’s resale value, providing prospective buyers with an added layer of confidence. Choosing Preservation Siding through Prairie Home Alliance signifies an investment in long-lasting protection for the exterior of your home.

Prairie Home Alliance backs preservation siding with its full time service department.

At Prairie Home Alliance, our team of installation experts is dedicated to achieving perfection in the fitting of your siding. The introduction of Preservation Siding, characterized by its blend of elegance, resilience, and warranty protection, ensures a transformative elevation of your home’s exterior, adding a new level of distinction and character. Click on the link below to delve into the specifics of Preservation’s Lifetime Limited Warranty and discover more about the outstanding features of this comprehensive warranty.

Window Warranties | An Illinois Dealer of Distinction

At Prairie Home Alliance, our recognition as a Dealer of Distinction in the Preservation dealer network is a source of great pride. We are delighted to offer you these top-tier windows, supported by an outstanding Lifetime Limited Warranty. Choosing Preservation Windows through Prairie Home Alliance means more than acquiring exceptional windows; it grants you access to our unparalleled service and a lifetime’s worth of reassurance. We take immense pride in delivering not only quality products but also an enduring commitment to your satisfaction and peace of mind.


Prairie Home Alliances's promise to stand behind the window warranties provided by Preservation.

Preservation Windows have proven their durability over time, and their warranty stands as a testament to that resilience. The transferable warranty not only safeguards your investment in new windows but also extends its protection to any future homeowner. The added confidence that Preservation instills in your investment through this warranty guarantees that the quality delivered today will endure into the future. In the unlikely event of any service issues, you can trust our team of experts to promptly address and resolve them. For more detailed information about the Preservation Window warranty, explore the link below.

Prairie Home Alliance | A Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractor through Ownes Corning

Our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality products paired with exceptional installation services has earned us the prestigious status of being recognized as an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Vendor. This esteemed distinction serves as a testament to our dedication to excellence and expertise within the exterior remodeling industry. We take pride in this recognition, reflecting our ongoing commitment to providing top-notch solutions to our valued customers.

Prairie Home Alliance | Committed to Standing Behind the Industry's Best Roofing Warranties

At Prairie Home Alliance, our commitment to delivering excellence is unwavering. That’s why we’ve forged a partnership with Owens Corning®, the gold standard in the roofing industry, to provide you with unparalleled warranties. As Platinum Preferred Contractors, we have the privilege of offering you the highest level of their warranty program, providing up to 50 years of coverage (depending on the product) for both roofing materials and installation. Safeguard your home’s future with an Owens Corning® Roofing Warranty installed by Prairie Home Alliance. Click below for more information on how this warranty can ensure a worry-free tomorrow for your roof!

A Non-Prorated Warranty | by HomeGuard

When you choose a Home Guard Industry door installed by Prairie Home Alliance, you’re not only investing in a quality product but also in the assurance of a reputable company and a robust non-prorated warranty. HGI provides homeowners with one of the highest quality doors in the industry, complemented by an exceptional warranty. Featuring a diverse range of styles and finishes to suit even the most discerning tastes, the warranty serves as a protective shield for your investment, ensuring its longevity well into the future. At Prairie Home Alliance, we prioritize the delivery of top-tier products and the peace of mind that comes with a reliable warranty.


Prairie Home Alliance is proud to carry entry doors backed with the industries best warranties.

Prairie Home Alliance proudly presents Home Guard Industries doors, renowned for their quality and industry-leading technology, supported by an exceptional non-prorated warranty. This commitment ensures that the value of your door investment is protected well into the future. Under this warranty, if defects are identified during inspection, and it is determined by both the dealer and Home Guard’s field representative that they were not caused by abuse, negligent care, or a home invasion, your door will be replaced at no charge for material costs. For detailed information on the HGI Door Warranty, click the link below.

Limited Lifetime Sunroom Warranties

Prairie Home Alliance, proud purveyors of Four Season Sunrooms, ensures your investment is safeguarded with some of the most robust warranties in the industry. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a fully transferable, lifetime limited warranty covering all glass. This means not only protection from the elements in your new space but also assurance against the uncertainties that the future may bring. With Cramer’s commitment to quality and durability, your Four Season Sunroom becomes a lasting and worry-free addition to your home.

Be confident in your choice with the best sunroom warranties in the industry.

The Four Season product warranties from Prairie Home Alliance come with the added benefit of being fully transferable from the original owner to a purchaser in the event of a home sale. This transferable warranty ensures that the investment made today retains real value for you in the future. With Prairie Home Alliance, you can trust that we will continue to be a reliable presence well into the future, ready to support you or any future homeowner. Explore the details of the Four Season warranty through the link below.

Triple Lifetime Warranty | by Gutter Helmet

The Triple Lifetime Warranty provided by Gutter Helmet and backed by Prairie Home Alliance is truly world-class. This industry-leading warranty stands as a testament to the exceptional quality and performance of Gutter Helmet’s gutter protection system, reinforced by our shared unwavering commitment to service and excellence. Covering performance and materials, this warranty is even transferable between homeowners, ensuring that you and any future homeowner can enjoy the same level of confidence and protection from the day it is installed, maintaining the integrity of your investment.

Prairie Home Alliance | Proud to offer a triple lifetime warranty on the highest quality gutter protection.

Gutter Helmet stands out as a fully enclosed gutter protection system, leveraging surface tension with no vertical openings. This innovative design minimizes the likelihood of debris entering your gutters. In the rare event of an issue, rest assured that the dedicated team at Prairie Home Alliance will promptly come to your home to address and correct it. For more details on their transferable warranty, safeguarding both performance and materials, click the link below.